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Angel's Site Fights Spirit Page!

Site Fights Spirit Counter

My Site Fights pages were getting so extensive, I decided to build them their own site!

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Site Fights is a competition for website builders! How it works is, you sign up, and once you get approved you get on a team. Then you compete among your teammates to see who gets the most vote. The people with the most votes from each team go to the Warzone to compete with other teams,  and then the winners of the Warzone compete against each other to see who is the champion! It's a lot of fun! You don't need to be a skilled webmaster to join. You can make a simple site on Tripod or Geocities or AOL or wherever, and it'll work!




Sent to me by Glitty!

Sent to me by Enchanted Spirit Chris because I made it to the warzone!

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5/14/06: Hi everyone!Well, I didn't win in the Warzone, but I'm ready to try again as soon as possible! I'm in the Holodeck this week! Please vote for me! All you gotta do is click on the flashing banner below. Once a day, if possible, would be great! Thanks!


Join Site Fights and have a blast!